T-Rex Popper
T-Rex Popper
T-Rex Popper

T-Rex Popper

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Squeeze, pop, and play with this delightful blast from the prehistoric past!

Load one of the foam balls into the dino's ferocious jaws, give him a quick squeeze, and POP! - The ball goes flying up to twenty feet through the air!

Play at home, in the office, in the time machine as you're soaring through centuries, or anywhere you want.

Playful, fun, and easy, the Dino Popper will have you popping with joy epoch after epoch!

T-Rex Popper
  • Fun dinosaur shaped squeeze-popper
  • Encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination
  • Just squeeze the dino and the ball shoots with a POP!
  • Foam balls fly up to 20 feet through the air
  • The harder you squeeze, the further it shoots
  • Great for birthdays, fun office gifts, or anything
  • Includes Dino Popper, 6 foam balls
  • Strong materials and construction for lasting durability
  • For Age 4 +