Toy Poodle Twins
Toy Poodle Twins

Toy Poodle Twins

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The sitting Toy Poodle twin is a baby girl who always smiles at everyone she meets. Even if she's in a place full of people she doesn't know, she plays as comfortably there as she does when she's at home. She can't wait to go to nursery where she can make lots of new friends. The crawling twin is a quiet baby boy. He's not fussy about his food and he doesn't get into any mischief. But he loves to move around. If his family turn their backs for one moment, he's crawled somewhere far away before they know it. His family are always amazed by how fast he can crawl away.

 Soft to the touch

  • Max and Mia have removable outfits
  • Approximately 1.75" tall
  • For use in all Calico Critters houses
  • For Age 3 +