Novelmore Battle Robot
Novelmore Battle Robot

Novelmore Battle Robot

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In the Guardian's Tournament, it will be shown who is the greatest warrior and who will protect the realm as Guardian. The knights of Novelmore have therefore armed themselves with a sophisticated invention by Dario DaVanci: the Combat Robot. Equipped with a powerful sword as well as a cannon, the battle robot is truly terrifying. Novelmore knight Gizmo Crafton controls the colossus and will try everything to be victorious.

Figures: 1 Novelmore knight (Gizmo Crafton); Accessories: 1 Novelmore battle robot, 2 flagpoles, 2 flags, 1 cannon, 1 sword, 1 lasso, 1 toolbox with tools, 1 blueprint of the robot, 1 mini crossbow, 2 bullet shells, 2 water bullets

Recommended for ages 4+