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Nail Style Studio
Nail Style Studio

Nail Style Studio

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Nail Style Studio is the perfect gift for creative fashionistas, providing step-by-step instructions for 25 tween-approved looks designed specifically for girls ages 10 and up. The included custom two-sided dotting tool makes dots and lines a breeze, and stick-on-peel-off stencils make geometric shapes crisp and stylish. And with our exclusive palette of practice nail polish, young artists can try a design, wash it off, and try again until it's exactly how they want it. This complete nail art kit lets you make a statement with a wave of your hand.

Product features:

  • Studio includes:
    • 60-page book with detailed instructions and brightly-colored images
    • Practice polish in 6 colors—orange, silver, pink, blue, white and black
    • Two-sided custom dotting tool
    • Over 250 stick-on stencils
  • Paint unique and creative nail designs
  • Encourages personality, diligence, precision and personal care
  • Fingernail polish designed for learning techniques peels off when dry

For Age 10 +