My Very Own Wooden Rattle
My Very Own Wooden Rattle

My Very Own Wooden Rattle

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This beautiful, handmade wooden rattle is the only one of its kind and is an excellent first rattle for babies.  Handcrafted from one solid piece of rock maple, this rattle is strong and tightly grained, so it will not break apart or splinter.  Its rings were not added separately- the entire rattle is carved from one solid piece of wood.  The rings make a very pleasant sound when shaken that is a wonderful sensory experience for any child. Easy to grasp, lightweight enough to shake, and safe enough to use as a teething toy, this versatile rattle makes a wonderful gift for any new baby. 

Handmade in Vermont, USA.  

Care:  Clean with water or disinfectant with pure grain alcohol (vodka).  No soap or detergent. 

Size:  6.5" long x 1.5" wide

Age:  5 mo+  (this rattle is safe for any age, but babies will enjoy the rattle more once they have developed enough fine motor skills to grasp objects and bring them to and away from their mouths).