Eight Princesses And A Magic Mirror Book

Eight Princesses And A Magic Mirror Book

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What makes a princess excellent?

Eager to learn the answer, an enchantress casts her magic mirror into our universe. Reflected in it are princesses from around the world and across centuries who refuse to be pretty, polite, and obedient.

Princess Leila of the desert protects her people from the king with the black-and-gold banner; Princess Tica takes a crocodile for a pet; Princess Ellen explores the high seas; Princess Abayome puts empathy and kindness above royal beauty; and in an apartment building, a girl named Princess saves her community’s beloved garden from the hands of urban developers.

These girls are fierce, brave, and determined to do the rescuing themselves. Connecting their stories is the magic mirror, which reveals itself when each girl needs it most, illuminating how a princess’s power comes not from her title or looks, but from her own inner strength. These beautifully imagined stories, complemented by vibrant and inviting artwork, are by turns charming and bold, familiar and surprising.


For Age 9 +