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Bubble Thing

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THE SOAP--- Use your HOTTEST tap water. Use Joy, Dawn, or Fairy dish soap ONLY. (No other brands work at all.) MEASURE your ingredients: first the hot water, then the dish soap, then Big Bubble Mix. Stir out the clumps, but don't worry the little flecks; they dissolve as you bubble.

THE LOOP--- AVOID TANGLING: Don't stir the fabric loop in the soap. Dip ONLY the loop (as shown in Figure 2), NOT the endcap. The Bubble Thing package (scroll down, please) shows you how to un-tangle.

THE FUN--- Bubble anytime, day or night, all year long, but the biggest bubbles need HIGH HUMIDITY. Google "weather near me" to choose maximum humidity for your biggest bubble days.

Comes with 22" wand and bubble mix to add to your dish soap to make 2.7 gallons

For Ages 6 +