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Play with air!  Arrange the tubes and connectors in any way you can imagine. Create loops and swirls. Weave them under tables and over desks. Then, switch on the turbine and let the experimentation begin...

Can you make the foam balls leap from one tube to the next, or hover in mid-air, or go around and around in an endless cycle?  Or, what happens when you set it to low speed vs high speed? What happens when you load the tubes with all the balls, then turn it all the way up?

With hours of runtime and loads of balls, tubes, connectors, and accessories included, kids (and adults) will never want to stop exploring!

 Fan unit has a rubber carrying handle

  • Rechargeable battery - 1 hour runtime on full speed, 3 hours on half speed
  • Includes 20 colorful EVA foam balls, 6 transparent 12-inch tubes, 7 transparent orange corner tubes, 1 T-tube, 1 silicone funnel, 13 easy-fit connectors, 1 fan unit, charging cable
  • For Age 5 +