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Rocket Helmet Small Size

Rocket Helmet Small Size

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New Micro helmet styles, featuring upgraded technology:

  • In-moulded PC shell
  • Air vents to keep heads cool
  • Adjustable side-locking dividers
  • Buckle
  • Removable inner fleece padding

Micro recommends measuring your child's head before purchasing. Please refer to the sizing chart below to ensure a proper fitting helmet. These sizing recommendations are unique to this helmet style, and are not the same as past versions of Micro Helmets. Helmet size is not universal.


  • Extra Small: 46 - 50 cm (about 18.1 -19.6 inches)
  • Small: 48 - 53 cm (about 18.9 - 20.8 inches)
  • Medium: 52 - 56 cm (about 20.4 - 22 inches)