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The Programmable Rover is a toy robot, and most importantly, a tool for learning! Kids can program this Rover to navigate specified courses to deliver a treat to a pet, surprise a family member with a personalized message, carry a soda, guard a bedroom, or just dance.

Read all about it! With a spiral bound Owner's Manual, kids will begin work through guided projects building their knowledge for the more advanced operating techniques. This cleverly crafted guide helps get the Rover rolling and will inspire the next level of learning—charting one's own adventures. 

Includes: COMPONENTS • Programmable Rover • Tape measure • Owner's Manual FEATURES • 10-button keypad • LCD display • Speaker with backlit ring • Memory (to store recordings and programs) • Microphone • Cargo hold • LED headlights • Track drive system with third wheel • Carrying handle PROGRAMMABLE COMMANDS • Record and play sound • Turn on/off headlights • Return to home function • Loop program • Drive commands (Forward, Reverse, Left, Right) 

For Age 8 +