P.Lushes Pets Gem Stars Sabrina Von Steubner

P.Lushes Pets Gem Stars Sabrina Von Steubner

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New to the P.Lushes Pets collection, Gem Stars is a dazzling series of plush with distinct gemstone-inspired noses to match their luxe looks. Collect all 12 – one for every month and birthstone!

Sabrina Von Steubner has a charming tourmaline-colored gemstone nose for her birth month of October. This pretty pink stone symbolizes love and joy, which this sweet pup brings to everyone she meets. Sabrina has a chevron-quilted, super-soft, pink plush fur. Her light pink eyes and shadow match the glamorous bow that sits on top of fluffy white, pink-lined ears. Sabrina’s bold black sparkly collar shows her classy sense of style.

6 inches

For Age 3 +