**Bebe Calin Loving & Melodies

**Bebe Calin Loving & Melodies

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Bébé Calin Loving & Melodies is a little interactive doll with 7 basic functions. 
It says "mama" and "papa", makes kissing sounds, laughs and can hum 3 tunes.

Pressing the doll's tummy activates one of the functions, inviting your child to dream, dance, and twirl the doll around, or simply listen and feel comforted.

At 12”, it is just the right size for a child’s little arms and hands to play with.
Its soft body allows it to take on the same positions as a real baby. The doll's face, arms and legs are made of delicately vanilla-scented, soft-touch vinyl. With its sleeping eyes, it falls asleep when put down on its back.

12 inches

Ages 18 months and up.

Removable electronics - Requires 3 AG13 / LR44 batteries (included).